what we did in January 2012

We started out with a bang on New Year’s Eve…with a choice of TWO venues for salsa lovers: The LSPU Hall’s Second Space and The Ship. A great start to our salsa year!

Corie Harnett taught a set of weekend salsa workshops…if you missed them, keep an eye out for her upcoming dance lessons, more info soon.

Deneen Connolly, St. John’s 1st salsa instructor, started her winter salsa sessions at her Cowan Heights studio.

MUN BLDC salsa registration has come and gone…always popular, you can’t beat the price!

And of course, a Salsa in St. John’s group member hosted an awesome private house party.

What will Feb bring to salsa lovers? Hmmmm Valentine’s Day is coming 🙂

……..to keep you dancing away at home, here’s a little youtube playlist of some salsa classics, enjoy!

needed: wordpress for dummies :P

Hi everyone,

I finally decided to make a Salsa in St. John’s page separate from fb, to allow for more flexibility and consistency…but I’m a total newbie to this! Anyone out there in the Salsa in St. John’s group who knows how to use WordPress and wants to help me out, please let me know!

Until I get a handle on this, please be patient. I have a vision of what this page should look like, and hopefully I’ll manage to get it there soon.

Judy D