Salsa Floreo Presents: Ladies’ Latin Movement Technique

Did you see our ladies perform at a Mid-Summer Salsa on Saturday? Wish you were up there with them? Or do you want some new moves to bring to the dance floor? Come learn some styling technique at our latest workshop!

This dance class focuses on latin motion technique–sexy body movement set to salsa and other latin musical genres such as reggaeton, cha cha, merengue and bachata!

In addition to learning some characteristically latin body isolations, we’ll also cover footwork and musicality to enhance your own sassy/sexy/sultry personal dance style!

This class may be done barefoot or in flats, but if you’re daring enough to do it in heels, then do it in heels!
(No street shoes please!)


$15/person, Thursday August 2, 8-930pm

156 Duckworth Street, St. John’s, NL

check out the event page on fb

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