MUN Ballroom and Latin Dance Club Fall 2012 Registration: September 18th at 7pm in the Landing (UC 3018)

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! All new and returning members are welcome to sign up. Please have your fees ready to paid in full.

On the schedule page of class times are outlined. Classes begin on September 23rd. Please note that Salsa classes will only run for the first eight weeks.

Since classes are different durations the fees are as follow:

Membership is $25 *please note everyone must pay membership in order to be part of MUN BLDC

Salsa 1:

Student: $10, Non-Student: $25

Salsa 2:

Student: $5, Non-Student: $20

Ballroom 1 and 2:

Students: $15, Non Students: $35

Ballroom 3:

Student: $10, Non Student: $25

Open Dance:

Student: $5, Non- Student: $10, Walk-ins $2/ night with members, $5/ night non-members

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