Sunday Salsa Socials postponed until new venue is found

Hi everyone, Corie & Del of Salsa Floreo just informed me that MexiCali Rosa’s in St. John’s NL has unexpectedly closed down its business. Bad news for our salsa scene because we were all enjoying Salsa Floreo’s Sunday Salsa Socials @ Mexi’s.

Sooooo the search for a regular salsa venue begins anew. If you have any venue ideas please contact us:

judy.salsa”AT”, corie”AT” or write on our fb group wall

and keep checking back for news about special salsa events around our city. ie: Sat Nov 24th there’s all-day salsa: Latin Dance Boot Camp @ Wild Lily, followed by a Salsa Dance fundraiser @ Rocket Bakery

Thanks for your support, patience and enthusiasm…

Judy D, Salsa in St. John’s

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