Here’s What’s Happening in December for Salsa in St. John’s, Newfoundland…


deck the halls 2012 xmas holiday salsa schedule flyer copy

Please note, the Salsa Sundays will be taking a little break after Dec 9th. But don’t worry! We’ll keep you dancing with the Holiday Salsa on Fri Dec 14 and the New Year’s Salsa on Dec 31. Then Salsa Sunday @ Annexe XLounge returns every week starting January 13th.

ATTENTION: If you’re a salsa expert living or visiting here in St. John’s, NL (i.e. salsa instructor, salsa TA, or born and raised salsa/Latin dancing) and would like to take a turn leading our beginner’s salsa hour 6-7pm on Sundays, please let us know! We’ll be working on a rotating guest instructor schedule to start in January.

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