TANGO ON THE EDGE PRACTICA NOTICE Nov 8,2012 – Venue change for next week only‏

Practica: A practice session for Tango Dancers
This week practica will be at the regular times and places :Thurs. Nov.8, 8:30 – 10:30 3rd floor gallery,  Sun. Nov. 11, 7 – 9  MMaP room.
Regular time but Change of location for Practica :  8:30 pm Thurs. Nov. 15 practica will be at a private home, email  Cecilia at ceciliamcgruer@live.ca for the address; and 7 pm Sunday Nov. 18th practica is at Bally Haly Golf Course. (Cash bar is available). The change of venue is necessary because the Christmas Craft fair is being held at the Arts and Culture Centre.  We will resume meeting at our regular time and place the following week.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4G7EVmOPu0&feature=relmfu  tips on collecting from Oscar and Maryanne Casas; How to make your dance more graceful.
On Thursday, November 8, MMaP offers a lecture and launch! At 6:00 pm they are thrilled to launch Bellows & Bows: Historic Recordings of Traditional Fiddle and Accordion Music from Across Canada, a double CD/book that is the latest release in the Back on Track series. At 7:30pm, they are pleased that Sherry Johnson (York University) will be giving the second lecture in this year’s Music, Media and Culture lecture series. Dr. Johnson will be presenting her talk, “‘Dancing from the Heart’: Interpreting Music in Ottawa Valley Step Dancing.” Both events are free and all are welcome! There is time to take these in and still make it to practica at 8:30 pm in the third floor Gallery upstairs from the Mmap room.
Mun Ballroom and Latin Dance Club Formal dinner and dance Friday, November 16, 2012 at the Pleasantville Legion.  I’ve just heard today is the deadline to order tickets,which can be purchased at any of the classes! $25 for members and $35 for non members! If you can’t make it to class,email them at bldc@mun.ca to reserve a ticket.
If any member would like to promote a dance opportunity or upcoming event through our weekly notices, please send the information to Cecilia at ceciliamcgruer@live.ca

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