Attention MEN…you’re needed on the dance floor for African GNAWA lessons and recital!

Message from dance instructor Dounia Hamoutene:

I am putting together a GNAWA piece for the Jill Dreaddy DanceCo dance school recital middle of June 2013. This piece involves dancing, drumming and a fair bit of feet stomping to create African GNAWA rhythms. I am seeking male dancers with some dance experience (not much) to join us at our classes starting middle of February: class is Thursday starting 6.20pm at the LeMarchant Studio. Dancers interested do not have to pay for classes and I will teach them some drumming and a few steps. They will have though to commit to performing during the two nights of recital at the Arts and Culture Center. It is just a dance school recital so not too intimidating but it will be fun to inject a bit of African warmth in the daily life routine…….
Spread the word….Thanks a million
Have fun!

to contact Dounia for info you can email

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