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  • Tango on the Edge Practica Notice
    Practica: A practice session for Tango Dancers
    Please note change of venue for Thursday practica!  From April 12 to August 31:
    We will meet Thursday evenings at the 3rd floor Gallery in the Arts and Culture Centre, 8:30 – 10:30 pm
   Sunday Practica will take place at the Mmap Room, Arts and Culture Centre  7 – 9 pm. Our focus at our guided practice is the foundation of colgadas. Watch this demonstration:
  • Dinner and Dancing Series at the Battery Hotel *
 (*There will be no dinner and dancing in July or August because so many wedding bookings at the Battery!!!) Check back in September for the Fall schedule.
  • Paid Members: Watch for details of a House Milonga coming in August in your TOTE Newsletter!
  • Fee Schedule for Summer Term: It’s renewal time for the Members Plan and the practica fees
    4 month term ending August 30, 2012:
    Membership fee Adult: $70 Student $35.00 (Includes 18 Free Practica)
    Special Combination of 35 Practicas- membership fee $70.00 plus extra $10
    Adult $80.00 Student $40.00
    General Admission for non-members: Adult $7.00 Student: $4.00
    If any member would like to promote a dance opportunity or upcoming event through our weekly notices, please send the information to Cecilia at

For more info about Tango on The Edge visit their website

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